This is Why Sports Betting is Becoming So Popular in Africa

Africans like to play free slot games for fun, but it is not an exaggeration to say that they are absolutely crazy about sports. However, in Africa, sport is not just about being entertained, it is also about trying to make money. To give you an idea as to how big gambling is, the betting market in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa is estimated to be worth $40 billion. Below we are going to look at why sports betting is becoming so popular across Africa.

High Unemployment Levels and a Youthful Population

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In Africa, there are 200 million people who are aged between 15-24. To add to this, many of these are unemployed, with many countries in the south of the continent having unemployment rates as high as 25%. But what is the link with sports betting? Well, the unemployed youths of Africa are the main target market for sports betting sites. Unemployed youths are attracted to betting on sports as it gives them a chance to earn some money.

Potential for Addiction

Cigarettes and alcohol are popular all over the world and have something in common with betting on sports - they are addictive. One of the main attractions of betting on sports is the value that you can get; you can place very small bets and still have the chance of walking away with large sums of money. Thus, since a lot of profit can be made, it really is no surprise that millions of Africans are placing sports bets every day. When the fun stops it's important to find services that help you stop such as our partners

Sports Betting Laws Are Not as Strict

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More and more regulations are being imposed on sports betting in Europe and the United States, meaning that many companies are deciding to branch into place such as Africa as regulations are quite lax. The betting laws that you will find in the majority of African countries, apart from South Africa, are quite new and regulation is poor. While lax regulations are dangerous to players, it is a great incentive for international betting sites to try and gain a foothold on the continent. You can discover the legal sites in Nigeria on this site:

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The number of people using mobile phones in Africa is growing drastically and this has been a game-changer for the sports gambling industry. Millions and millions of Africans now have the option of placing bets on sports from their own homes or wherever they happen to be, so long as they have access to the Internet. With more and more people getting access to mobile phones and the Internet, the number of people gambling on sports is only going to go in one direction, and we do not think that we need to tell you what direction that will be.

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